Feeling distracted, overwhelmed, and unsure about how to navigate family life. We believe in families!  We want to support families in any way possible.  We invest in families by: equipping parents to teach their children about faith, offering marriage and parenting classes and hosting family weekends which draw attention to practical ideas and challenges families may be facing. We assist families by: teaching children about God in a creative and hands on ways, helping teens navigate the difficult world of adolescence, celebrating milestones with each child and family, and creating serving opportunities for children and teens both inside and outside of the church.


Faith City

In Faith City the Bible comes to life through hands on experiences.  We want our children to not just know the Bible but to experience it. Children K - 5th grade have the opportunity to engage all their senses while experiencing the Bible in one of four distinct classrooms each week: the Theatre, the Diner, the Park, and the Museum. On Sunday at 9:00 am check in begins, and class starts at 9:15 am. Wednesday night class begins at 7:00 pm.


Parenting teens is one of the greatest joys and one of the greatest challenges in life.  We want to help.  We want to do three things for your family: 1) Help your teens want a spiritual relationship with God and with you. 2) Provide a supportive peer group and thoughtful activities that will lead them to follow Christ. 3) Provide mentors and positive influences to help them figure things out when they don’t turn to their parents first.  Our prayer is to help parents grow their teens into mature disciples



FAmily weekends

We dedicate four weekends a year specifically to families.  Our prayer is that parents and extended family will have a few hours during each of these weekends to gain some insight, perspective, and wisdom to help their families become closer to God. Our Family Weekends will explore a weekend theme through an event or speaker. On Sunday morning our speaker will encourage families even more and involve children and teens in the worship service.

Faith City Worship

Faith City worship is a time of worship and learning for children in VPK and Kindergarten. The children are welcomed back to Faith City after communion and are met in the lobby by our leaders. Faith City Worship creates a special time and place to be with God through worship, simple Bible storytelling, response time, and prayer.  Our hope is that each child that attends has an opportunity to worship God in memorable way.


Celebrating Milestones


Marriage Milestones: Each couple celebrating a 5 year marriage milestone will be celebrated. We want everyone to remember the importance of working on your marriage and how the big anniversaries are quite an accomplishment!

Welcome Baby: When one of our families has a baby we celebrate! During the worship service the family is presented a special child’s Bible and we have a moment of prayer as a church. This is the moment when Northwest commits as a church to help parents raise their child in faith.

Back to School Blessing: Each year before school we have a blessing for all of our students and teachers. We want them to feel supported by their whole church as they serve as an example to the world.

Grad Night: Grad Night is a special time when our church celebrates the accomplishments of our graduates. This is a significant moment for Northwest and the graduate as we highlight their personalities, encourage them, and pray for them to begin their adult life with a close relationship with God.

Serving Opportunities

We want our children and teens to grow up in a church where they can be involved.  During family weekends our children will be involved in the Sunday worship service in special ways.   Teens are always encouraged to sign up for any serving role in our church and worship service.  Teens also participate in a monthly service activity as part of our teen group and are always invited to serve alongside adults.