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Life Groups meet from September to May.

Join us Sunday evening at the church for Lessons For Living at 6:00 pm.



2018 - 2019

Welcome to the 18th year of Northwest Life Groups!

Sunday mornings at Northwest are exciting, as there are things that can be accomplished with 500 that cannot be accomplished with a small group.  But there are also things that can be done in a small group that cannot be accomplished in a large crowd.  Both are essential to having a healthy congregation.  Intimate relationships are built in small groups where people find really close Christian friends.  The small group is a great setting for strengthening relationships in the church, but it also provides a great tool for enlarging our circle and reaching out to our community.


Most of our life groups meet in homes.  Most groups have some structured lesson time and some unstructured social time.   The structured time for groups involves a brief time of worship, a 25 minute lesson, and a time of prayer.  The entire length of the structured time is one hour.  They are designed so that you can come and be a part of group and still go home to get the kids ready for bed or to get ready for work the next day.  They also involve an unstructured time for meeting new people and building meaningful relationships.  Some of our groups' social time is centered around a meal or a snack, although some like to keep it simple and not offer food as a part of their group. Every month or so our groups do a mission together. Every group decides upon a different mission, so attend a group to find out what they are involved in.  We have groups spread throughout Pinellas County with groups as far south as Gulfport and as far north as Largo.  If you would like to be a part of life group, join us. We would really enjoy getting to know you.


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