Groups          Time         Location

Booth            5:00 pm       Modular #3 at Northwest
                                 (6355 38th Ave N, St. Petersburg)

Fisch             5:30 pm       4324 60th Way N, St. Pete. 
                                         St. Petersburg

Myers            6:00 pm       730 119th Ave, 
                                        Treasure Island

Shannon        5:30 pm       6886 120th Pl N, Largo

Hernandez      5:30 pm      3000 64th St N
                                         St. Petersburg 33710

Thee             6:00 pm        2056 Dolphin Blvd S
                                         St. Petersburg

College/20's  Varies          Text: 850-321-0744 for info



Most of our life groups meet in homes.  Most groups have some structured lesson time/ and some unstructured social time.   The structured time for groups involves a brief time of worship, a 25 minute lesson, and a time of prayer.  The entire length of the structured time is less than 1 hour.  They are designed so that you can come and be a part of group and still go home to get ready for work or get the kids ready for bed the next day.  They also involve  an unstructured time for meeting new people and building meaningful relationships.  Some of our groups' social time is centered around a meal or a snack, although some like to keep it simple and not offer food as a part of their group.  Every month or so our groups do a mission together. Every group decides upon a different mission, so you will have to attend a group to find out what they are involved in.  We have groups spread throughout Pinellas County.  We have groups as far south as Gulfport and as far north as safety harbor.  If you would like to be a part of life group, we would really enjoy getting to know you.


Our Life Groups are best defined by three words,  "Family on Mission."  I know that family is a "loaded word" in today's world.  Just the mere mention of the word family can draw someone back to one of  the most meaningful times in life, or one of the most disappointing times in life.  This has led some churches to avoid using the word family at all.  We understand why they avoid it, but we feel like "true family" is one of the things that God wants all of us to experience in our lives.  Family brings a comfort to our lives that nothing else could.

However, to experience just family, leaves us with only half of what God wants us to experience.  He also desperately wants us to be involved in His mission.  Mission brings purpose and meaning to our lives.  It helps us see why we are here on earth and what we are to do with the time that we have been given.

Too often we see small groups become too focused on either family or mission.  Family alone can sometimes become this close circle of people who fail to welcome anyone else into their group.  Groups that are too mission focused and burn people out and become too busy without a season of rest.  

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