Our Mission

Make lifelong disciples of all generations.

Our Vision

We want to be an ever-expanding community of believers who have a deep relationship with God, our Father, and follow Jesus as Lord of their lives guided by the Holy Spirit to walk as Jesus walked.

We want to equip fathers and mothers to communicate and live their faith in passing it to succeeding generations and to their peers.

We want to equip our children to live and communicate their faith to the succeeding generations and to their peers.

We want all our members to realize and enhance their individual gifts and talents so they will be light to a world that is seeking its way out of darkness.

Our Values

1. We will show God’s love to everyone not based on physical appearance but based on the knowledge that EVERYONE is made in God’s image.

2. We will serve our Lord Jesus and follow his teachings to serve mankind.

3. We will be wise and good stewards of the blessings and talents that God has provided.

4. We will constantly strive to grow and align ourselves with the teachings of the Bible and submit to the changes it requires for our lives.

5. We will realize God’s kingdom is far greater than we can imagine. Submitting to His kingdom will bring love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control to our lives.