Preacher's Thoughts

It’s been as busy as a beehive around here in the last few days.  There were good turnouts for both the First Aid/CPR Training Saturday morning and for the Drive In Movie Saturday night.  Then on Sunday we had a packed house for  worship and a large crowd came to Shirley
Bassford’s memorial service.  Today there are over a couple dozen workers building forms for sidewalks, doing finishing work on the inside of the new building, putting up a new sign, etc.  All of these activities are not just keeping people busy, but they are aiding the strengthening and spreading of God’s kingdom.  It’s exciting!..... 

Thank you so much for the gift baskets for all the ministers. These were presented on Sunday and are so appreciated by all of us and our families.  Your love, concern and support mean so much to every one of us…..

We had mixed emotions as Thien announced Sunday that he and Amanda will be moving back to California to work with a church in that state. We are so sad that they are leaving us, but at the same time we are happy for the new opportunity they have been given in their home state…..

We were sad today to learn of the passing of Mary Stephenson.  The past few years were  filled with many health problems for Mary.  We offer our deepest sympathy to her mother Annette Dobbs, her sister Debbie and all the family…..

I look forward to seeing you.