Preacher's Thoughts

What a great time we had Monday night at the Mules - Mullets Softball Extravaganza!   We had over 80 folks there - about 40 from the 20’s and 30’s group and about 40 from the 50’s and 60’s group (although only five from this group actually played in the game.)    But generous folks were there to grill hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. in service to others.  There were about 50 members from Northwest and about 30 guests.  What a great evangelistic tool!  We plan to have many more similar events in the future.   Thanks to Tom Burket and all his helpers for a wonderful night.


Two of our participants in the game where Rob and Luke Schlachter.  As I watched them play, I thought about the first time I saw them.  I believe it was their first time at Northwest - Luke was a baby and Rob was holding him.  Now I see two grown men playing ball together.  This is the ideal we wish all our families would strive for: Teach that precious valuable child God has given you all about the Heavenly Father and raise that child to see how important God and His church are.  Then when the child grows up, parent and child can continue to work together to expand God’s kingdom.  It really doesn’t get any better than this…..