Joel's Journal

Our first family weekend is behind us, and from all that I had spoken with it was one of the most positive weekends anyone can remember!  Having 700+ people on our property for our fall festival was so exciting!  There was an energy from our 160+ volunteers that were serving.  Many got to see Northwest as the positive place that it is. Many were visibly proud of our church and the faith that we were representing! 

 Last year during our fall festival we were confined to a small space due to our construction.  This year we had room to spread out and it was felt by everyone.  I heard people saying things like… “This doesn’t even look like the same church as last year.”  I also heard someone talking about how positive and helpful our volunteers were and the uplifting mood of the whole event.  There werealso incredible stories of othersrealizing that Northwest is accepting of them.

 On Sunday we had great uplifting worship thanks to Barry Jones.  Trent Burket did a fantastic job during scripture reading!  Our kids on stage had such thoughtful answers to the 3 questions.

 These are some of the paraphrase answers from Sunday!

 1. What is the coolest thing about your family?

That my mom and dad live and I live in the front house and my grandpa and grandma live in the back house and I just walk back and forth between the two as much as I want.

The coolest thing about my family is that my foster mom Beulah loves me, and would doanything for me, and makes me feel like I am a part of her and her family.

My family loves me no matter what.

 2. What is the coolest thing about God?

He loves us when we mess up. 

He knows everything, even before I do it! 

He loves everyone. 

He is never going to hate me. 

He loves us no matter what we do.

 3. What is the coolest thing about Church?

We can all be friends. 

We all want to praise God. 

Here at Northwest we don't stay at church past 1pm like we did in my old church!

 Thanks you to all who made this past weekend such a positive experience!