Joel's Journal

Was it more than you could imagine?  At the grand opening I heard so many people say things like:  “I never imagined it would be so big!”, or “I never imagined it would be so nice”, or “this is simply more than I could have   imagined!”

 I expected many of our members to be excited by what God has done with our new building, however, I didn’t expect one outsider to react the way that he did when he viewed our new space. Just a few hours ago I walked a fire inspector through our building.  Over the course of the last year I have had several meetings with this man.  He is a nice and kind man. His job is to be the chief of fire prevention.  He makes a living off seeing the worst case scenarios, and   being cautious and safe rather than impressed and excitable. In the four face to face meetings and the dozen phone and email conversations I have had with him I have learned he is a very serious man. He rarely lets his guard down or   forgets that he is wearing his uniform. We he walked through our building today, he forgot who he was. He said “this simply looks fantastic.” He said “I wish I were a kid again,” and “I don’t remember being a kid looking like this much fun.”  At the end of our walk through he said he rarely compliments a facility, but was blown away by the quality of what our church had built.  He was puzzled and made remarks about how so many churches are retreating, closing their doors and folding their hands, while we are growing and making room for more. Although we certainly wish more churches were growing, it was neat to watch his excited eyes see what God brought into existence through our church at Northwest.

 Sometimes our imaginations are limited, but then God shows us what He can do. Sometimes our faith is limited, but then God reveals His greater plan. This building is not the first great thing that God has done at Northwest, nor will it be the last.  I wanted to take a moment to celebrate this one great thing, because seeing one great thing makes it easier to believe and to imagine many more great things on the horizon.  

 Taped to Melissa Cunningham’s computer monitor there is a post-it that reads, “Let your faith be greater than your fear.”  This quote represents something that everyone struggles with, but this is a moment that we can all celebrate where our faith has conquered our fear.  Thank you Northwest!