Preacher's Thoughts

Above is a picture I took from the roof of the new classroom building last week.  It tells a story.  It shows where three Northwest buildings come together under one roof.  The buildings were completed in 1960, 1989 and 2016.  Thousands of people have been saved and/or spiritually strengthened because of what God blessed to happen in those first two buildings. Now we cannot even imagine all that God will cause to happen in the third building.  It is so exciting to be a part of what God is doing!

 While we just had our first Sunday in the new building, we are preparing for the renovation work that will begin in the worship center building.  Thank you again for your patience as things will continue to be in disarray for the next three or four months.  But by summer the construction work should be completed.

 We are so happy to have Bob Samek join our other elders in shepherding the Northwest flock.   And we are also blessed to have Dustin Burtron, Billy Murfin and Tilson Cumberbatch now serving as additional deacons.  The first two are working with our youth group and Tilson is working in advertising.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.