Youth News

By Billy Murfin

 Does God only choose special people to do important tasks?

 I remember getting picked last whenever I would try to play sports. There would be a bunch of guys getting ready, captains would be picked, and then they would start     choosing teams. The captain of each team would start to select the fastest and the strongest...very quickly leaving myself and some others hanging out in a small group by        ourselves. There we were, standing together, hoping to get picked and the longer we had to wait,  the more embarrassing it would become. 

     Isn't it great that God doesn't choose us this way? God looks at our hearts! In the book of Judges, Gideon couldn't believe that the Lord wanted to use him, and he asked the Lord,

     "How can I rescue Israel?  My family is the weakest in the tribe and I am the least important."


     "You can do it because I will help you" replied the Lord.


Men and women look at the face. God looks at the heart.



Events for April


April 5th -  TNHO at 7 pm


April 9th -  Bay Area Youth Rally


April 19th - TNHO at 7 pm