What Is Lifetree Cafe?

Joel’s Journal


So by now you have probably have heard the word "Lifetree Cafe" and wondered... What is that? Lifetree Cafe is a ministry that Northwest is implementing in 2016.  It is unique because it isn’t a traditional class environment. In normal classes a teacher teaches from the front the majority of the lesson and attendees listen. Instead Life Tree is a conversation centered around a spiritual topic.  Lifetree Cafe is a time and place where people gather to hear inspiring stories and engage in conversation on a different topic every week. On film and in person, you’ll hear stories that will make you think, spice your conversation, help you make sense of the world, and inspire you. And in the fun, casual, safe environment of Lifetree Cafe, you may share your story, too. If you’re looking for a place where you can explore life, meet new friends, and experience God… then Lifetree Café is your kind of place. Here is what others have shared about their Lifetree experience:


“I love the warm, friendly, and accepting environment.”

“I discovered things about myself that I didn’t even know.”

“Great atmosphere, friendly people, interesting topic.”

“I really enjoyed today, and one of the stories gave me chills. It opened my heart to        Jesus and to forgiving and loving others again.”

“Very intense discussion, helpful.”


When Lifetree begins the leader will introduce a topic that will generate discussion.  A 5-10 minute video will be shown that further sparks conversation around that topic. At 4 person tables, small groups will get a chance to share their thoughts, opinions, knowledge regarding that topic.  Relationships and friendship are formed that center on deep conversation about spiritual topics.



 Many unchurched won’t consider coming to a Bible class. However, they may consider coming and joining in on a more casual learning and sharing environment.  We are also looking for opportunities to start Lifetree Cafe’s during the day, and at other locations such as coffee shops, community centers, or in retirement communities.


If you would like to participate, or would even consider leading one yourself talk to    Joel Singleton or email him at jsingleton@nwcoc.org.