Thoughts from the Preacher


   Thefinal touches are being made to our refurbished worship center.  I think you will be pleased when we move back in there in August.  We are blessed with weekly visitors at   Northwest, but once renovations are completed we will probably have more than ever. So we need to make even more of an effort to welcome these newcomers.  Visitors prefer to be greeted casually. It is great to have greeters at the door, but the rest of us need to watch for them in the sections where we sit and make them feel at home.  They may need help finding something or they may feel more comfortable by having someone sit with them….


And remember the three bees, not killer bees but life giving bees (see picture above).  When one visits Northwest they BELIEVE at least some already. We can help them strengthen that belief and also help them feel they BELONG. We do not want them to think this is an          exclusive club but a fellowship open to all.  Once they feel they belong, eventually they may BECOME like our Lord as they seek to walk in His steps.  How awesome to know that each one of us can have a role in helping another become more like Christ!....


I look forward to seeing you.