Preacher's Thoughts

As these pictures show, eighteen months can make a lot of difference.  We’re not quite finished with our facilities, but we’re almost there. What an encouraging time we had Sunday at the Open House and potluck.  How blessed we are to be a part of such a wonderful fellowship!

 Thanks to Christian Financial Resources and Jim Myers and his team for leading the More Than We Can Imagine campaign to help us get the needed funds.  Thanks to Tom Burket and the P J Callaghan crew for the construction, to Lori Todsen for design, furnishings, etc., to Joel Singleton foroverseeing and coordinating the various parts of the construction, to all the sub contractors, to our office staffand cleaning crew and to all the members who prayed, gave and worked to bring us to where we are today.   Thanks to the elders and the church for the vision, but most of all praise be to GOD who is the giver of the vision, the resources, and every good thing. He is the one who will change the hearts of people who will be added to Northwest in the future.  Now we can put to use all God has given us for the building up of the kingdom!

 I look forward to seeing you Sunday.