Preacher's Thoughts

Recently in a sermon I asked the question Why are you here? Sunday a dear  sister  handed me  this answer:

 * To praise the God of heaven!

* To show my love and gratitude to Him.

* To be an active part of the living, breathing body of Christ.

* To sing to God with all my heart and soul.

* To demonstrate obedience.

* To partake of the Lord’s supper with my brothers and sisters (in remembrance of the gift).

* To remind me who’s side I’m on.

* To hear a portion of the Word.

* To give to encourage.

    That’s why!

Would that everyone examined their hearts in such a thorough fashion. Why are you going to be here Sunday?

Wow - what a Halloween! I’ve already got several reports of members who handed out NW and Faith City information with candy and had some great conversations with neighbors. There was also a lot of bottles of water and cider given out.  What a great use of that holiday!

I look forward to seeing you (and some neighbors from Halloween efforts) Sunday.


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