Preacher's Thoughts

It’s good to see how many of you as individuals, families and groups are carrying out our 2017 theme of Be the Good.  March 26 is Be the Good Sunday and you will have the opportunity to investigate the many ministries we have at Northwest and sign up for the one you feel most called to.  The same day we will take up a special contribution to conclude the major portion of the More Than We Can Imagine campaign. On April 8-9 Andy Miller will be here for our Spread the Word workshop, which will help train us to reach out and share our faith in showing people Jesus is the Good we try to emulate.  These are just a couple of the opportunities we will have this year to help us truly Be the Good……

A few days ago we lost a dear sister who had been a member of Northwest for forty years - Bertha Kelley. Bertha left a lasting impression on this church and we will miss her so much.  Our deepest sympathy goes out to Carol, Frank, Victoria and all the family…..

Landon Butler passed away Sunday.  After Landon lost his wife Nancy, he lost his home in a fire.  He spent many weeks in the hospital recovering from the fire.  He was doing much better and had been at church earlier Sunday.  We mourn his sudden departure…..

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.