Encouragement From the Elders


Prayer and How It Can Change Our Lives

Have you ever found yourself in a spiritual rut? Who hasn’t? life gets busy, church feels like one more thing on your to do list and prayer feels both cumbersome and ineffective. Beyond the fact that life itself can become overwhelming, even sapping your spirituality.

Make no mistake Satan is at war to derail our pray life because he knows the further we move from God and His Son the closer we move to him. Make no mistake  - we are in a fight for our souls.

The good news is Satan’s reign terror stops here and now. He will keep coming but he won’t have victory because prayer will keep us close to the Lord, which puts a boundary around us.

Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons God has given us, and looking ahead to 2019 and beyond, it has never been more important for God’s people to be on our knees. Knowing how to pray is not always as easy as we would like. Even the disciples felt the same confusion. They were familiar with the often-repeated prayers of the Torah. But Jesus prayed with a kind of authority and power they had never seen before. In Matthew 6 they did not say, “Teach us another prayer.” They said, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

The following are things that will help us to develop a more powerful prayer life

1. Know whom you are speaking to; Prayer is a conversation with God, “Our Father who art in heaven.” God is three distinct persons in one: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

2. Thank him; God loves to see we have thankful hearts. We are so fortunate to the avenue of prayer. We need to be thankful every day.

3. God’s will; Jesus prayed “not my will, but your will be done”. We need to always allow God’s will to be done through our receiving hearts to the Holy Spirit.

4. Say what you need: In Jesus time bread was a staple, one of the most basic needs of life, and he did not hesitate to ask God to provide. We should always realize that God will provide even the most basic needs and far beyond to the big issues of life that we all have or will have at some point on this earth.

5. Ask for forgiveness: James 5:16 reminds us that if we want to have our prayer heard our hearts need to be right with God and one another. Always take time to check the health of your heart.

6. Pray the Word: When Jesus was tempted by Satan in the Wilderness (Luke 4:1-12) He was the Son of God but he did not use his divine authority. Instead he used the authority of Scriptures.

The Elders pray for you all every time we meet and in our individual prayers. We asked that we all pray for us to always allow God’s will to be done.