Preacher's Thoughts

I was so glad to hear Casey’s sermon Sunday morning as he talked about  our teens’ summer. When Casey talks you can see how much he loves our kids. And I have seen from the teens how much they love him. RELATIONSHIPS are key to the success of any group of people. Casey also talked about staff relationships. I feel so fortunate to be a part of an awesome Northwest staff. I look forward everyday to coming to the office and being welcomed by the smiling faces of such capable people. I think about numerous ministries here and how the people in those ministries work with  each other with respect to accomplish their missions. And this same kind of respect in relationships will work for success in the home or even on the job…..


As October approaches, Halloween, kids and candy are just around the corner. Our Fall Carnival is October 28 and is a mission our Life Groups have taken on. No Life Groups that night, but we will have a great night with kids!....


We will have a new theme for 2019, but let’s fill the last three months of 2018 focusing on our theme of Looking for the Good. There’s a lot of good out there if we will just make the effort to look for it…..


I look forward to seeing you Sunday.