Youth News

September is over, October has come, and fall has made its first appearance (although, I’m learning that doesn’t mean much in Florida). We hope you’ve had a fantastic end to your summer and have found healthy, meaningful routines to carry you through the end of the year.

The youth group had a fantastic month! One of the highlights of our year is      SonQuest, which took place a few weeks ago in Orlando, and this was an exceptional year. We learned about God’s overflow in our lives, and we grew much closer with one another as a group. We even had the privilege of celebrating Zander Morse’s baptism! It was quite the experience, and it’s one many of us will remember for years to come.

SonQuest, along with all of NWYG’s regular activities, help us become a close, tight-knight community. If you were in worship for my lesson at the end of September, you know that the youth group takes this idea of community very seriously. The teens love when we get to be together, and that’s an encouragement to me. However, one of the things I love most is seeing how our teens are an inspiration to our adult volunteers. I  often talk about how my life is better because I regularly engage with young people, but I’m not the only one who feels that way! Ask any of our volunteers, and you’re likely to hear the same.

Many of you have approached me recently about asking how you can be a part of the NWYG community, and I love that. Of course, there are several ways. One immediate need is for adult volunteers to sit in on our Sunday morning class. This is a low-key      responsibility that allows you to take part in our activities while also being a big help. If you’re interested in this opportunity and would like to be put in rotation, email me at

                             -Casey and the NWYG Team