Preacher's Thoughts

There are a lot of avenues that help us fill that bus that is going to heaven.  We know that God wants it full ( ...He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. II Peter 3:9) Thank you for all you are  doing to help others get on the bus.  Thanks to our Life Groups for  projects like the Fall Carnival to load the bus. Sunday morning I announced about brochures that  were available to go in candy bags for Halloween to tell kids and parents about Northwest. You picked up almost 900 of those to use on Halloween. Super! Keep up the good work…..

 Welcome to Ben Rodriguez who begins serving as one of our shepherds and to David Puckett, our treasurer who now serves as a deacon. Please pray for them, for Fran and Cheryl and their families…….

 Also, please continue to pray for our Search Committee as they do so much work behind the scenes to help us find the ministers God wants for Northwest….

 Remember the family of Jack Bowen as he departed this life recently. Jack was a long time member at Northwest…..

 I look forward to seeing you Sunday.