Preacher's Thoughts

Let’s look for some good:

Casey, Alia and the youth group had a great week at camp, but that’s just part of a full summer - much more to come!

You gave a total of $5,000 for the summer youth program - over $2,000 of it went to scholarships for camp. As a matter of fact, our giving has been super this year!  We  entered the summer without a deficit, and that has not happened in a long time. The summer is tough with so many gone, so please remember that expenses continue through vacation time. Thank you for your generosity.

June has been wedding month with two weddings here and lessons on marriage. A large number of NW couples recommitted their vows this month. Next month’s theme is Thank God for Freedom.

Our  live streaming of the Sunday worship is running without too many problems now. People are actually worshipping with us in other places via live stream. Give it a look on Facebook - Go to Northwest Church of Christ.

I look forward to seeing you