Preacher's Thoughts

We miss you when you are gone.  Thanks to all who have been bringing me church bulletins from your summer adventures in travel.  Whether you are home or traveling, let’s keep in mind our mission of getting as many on the bus to heaven as possible. Remember: Wherever you go, there you are.  God can work mightily wherever you are……

Bob Samek has donated hours and hours and hours into renovating the old youth house on the corner of our lot. Thanks to Bob and  his helpers Steve Adye,  Al Fisch and Ben Rodriguez who have donated time and skill to help him improve that house…….

As I announced Sunday a search committee has been commissioned by the elders to look for two ministers to join out team here at Northwest. They will be involved in networking and would appreciate your input. The committee members are: Will Broyles, Tom Burket, Beulah Cumberbatch, Al Duren, Kevin Garner, Melissa Myers and Linda Smock. I also requested your prayers each day at 2:02 pm (from II Tim 2:2) for the success of this effort…….

I look forward to seeing you.