Preacher's Thoughts

This week I read an article entitled 10 MARKS OF A HAPPY CHURCH  by Chuck Lawless, professor of Evangelism and Missions at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. He says he has not found many churches that he would genuinely call happy, but when he has found one, it usually has the following characteristics:

1)  Nothing seems to hinder their worship.

2)  The people actually smile.

3)  The staff have fun together.

4)  The people share burdens through prayer.

5)  They trust each other when they deal with disagreement.

6)  They hang out before and after the service.

7)  They have strong small groups with caring leaders.

8)  The members give sacrificially.

9)  They don’t have a lot of business meetings—and the meetings they have

       are friendly and encouraging.

10) They invite unchurched friends to join them.

I know how I scored Northwest, but I’ll let you come up with your own score.

Due to the score I gave Northwest, I can genuinely say - I look forward to seeing you Sunday!