Youth News


It’s hard to believe we’re already 1/12th of the way through 2019! The NWYG kicked off our new year in grand fashion with several successful events as well as a phenomenal weekend away at Winter Camp! We spent several days at Central Florida Bible Camp with friends from all over the state learning what it really means to “follow” Jesus. Our teens had a wonderful time.

This year, the NWYG will be focusing heavily on involving parents in our students’ spiritual lives. We believe that faith always starts in the home, and no youth ministry can substitute for a student’s family. One of the ways we will be encouraging faith at home this year is through access to parenting resources, giving you concrete, tangible activities to help you foster spiritual growth in your home. One such activity is to create a yearly plan for your family.

Creating a yearly plan for your family can be a tremendous opportunity to set goals and be intentional with your 2019. Planning your year is a great way to take a substantial interest in your Child's spiritual growth. While we are a few weeks into this year, it's not too late to take the time to sit down with your family and decide what you want from your year. Parent Cue has a tremendous resource for setting your family's intention for this year! Check out this website for a free download:

Here's how to participate in this activity: Decide on a time to sit down with your family. Make it a time when distractions will be minimal. Have some snacks and drinks, and tell your kids you want to make an effort to make 2019 a fantastic year for your family! If you have a small whiteboard, notebook, or something else to brainstorm your ideas on, bring it. Then, take an hour (or less!) to go through the planning template and write down your answers. Once you've finished, put your plan somewhere in your house where you'll be reminded of it often. Tape it to the fridge or put it up on the wall!

We hope this will be a meaningful activity for your home. Try it before January ends! You won't regret taking the time to make the most of 2019 for your family. If these types of resources are beneficial to you and you’d like to receive more things like this, sign-up for NWYG’s new bi-weekly email newsletter!

2019 is off to an excellent start for the NWYG, and we can’t wait to see where this year takes us! We hope you’ll be a part of the youth ministry’s year in one way or another.