Encouragement from the Elders

Fall has brought our first cold front dropping the humidity, if not the temperature, enough to cause us to take note that change is in the air. We can likewise feel a change in the air at Northwest! George Welty is here as our Discipleship Minister and that has  already begun to energize us. He reminded us that none of us has sinned to the point that God cannot forgive us or that God cannot use us to do His work! George has     reminded us that God has invited us all to sit at the table with Him even though we do not deserve to be there. He has encouraged us to sit at table with people who don’t know our Lord, drawing them to us and through us to Him. Let’s take these lessons to heart.

Discipleship is our mission. Jesus gave us that mission in Matthew 28.  Discipleship ministry is what we are about in all that we do. On October 5th, the prayer team is    organizing a day of prayer for our ministers and the ministries of the Northwest church. Begin praying now and come and pray with others.

The elders and ministers covet your prayers as they meet to recast our vision to be in keeping with our mission, to make lifelong disciple of all generations. We will be    doing short and long term planning for our work here. Pray that God makes his work known to us.

What an exciting time to be a part of the Northwest family! George, Casey, Kym, Leslie and Jim bring so much faith and spirit to the work here. It has been encouraging to learn about the youth missions to inner city Atlanta and Nashville. They have done work there to learn how to work here!

We are looking forward to Donny Dillon coming to report on the mission trips to the Bahamas and Honduras that some of our members were on. We want to hear about the hurricane recovery in the Bahamas and how your gifts are being used to relieve the suffering there.

Our Life Groups are back in full swing studying the Word and how we can study to be transformed and not merely informed. The food, fellowship and transforming Bible study are terrific. If you are not in a Life Group now, join one this week!

The men’s Bible Study Fellowship class on Acts and the letters has reached max      capacity. We are praying for another group discussion leader to be able to open a    second group.

Rosanna Garner and Linda Smock are beginning a women’s study to emphasize the essential role of hospitality, of meaningful person engagement in reaching people for Christ.

So many good things and great studies are happening at Northwest. St. Pete and Florida are growing. Technology and travel open the world to be influenced by us here. We have a fervent desire to grow the kingdom of faith. There is no better place to serve and to grow than here at Northwest. We are so pleased that you call this your church. Your elders are praying for you each Tuesday. God bless and grow the family at Northwest!