Encouragement from the Elders

Vision for the Future

The Elders are concerned about what Northwest Church of Christ will look like in the future. Our prayer and plans are for a thriving God centered Christ anchored body of believers. To accomplish this all of us will have to work in the Lord’s vineyard every day. The following represents our thoughts and first cut at developing a vision statement. Many discussions and prayers have preceded this writing.

Mission: Make lifelong disciples of all generations:


· See everyone in our community of believers have a relationship with God our Father.

· See everyone following Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives.

· Appreciate and understand that the Holy Spirit is guiding us to walk as Jesus walked.

· Equip fathers and mothers to express their faith and pass it down to the next generations by love of the Lord and living as an example.

· Use our God given talents and gifts for good and being the light unto the world.



· Show God’s love through faith and knowing that EVERYONE is made in God’s image.

· Serve mankind by serving our Lord Jesus and following his teachings.

· Be good stewards of the blessings and talents that God has provided.

· Continually strive to grow in God’s word and align ourselves with God’s word.

· Realize that God is all powerful and greater than we can imagine.

· Realize that submitting to God’s kingdom will bring, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control to our lives.

To accomplish these things much prayer and commitment are needed by everyone . To go with the vision and values will have to be well planned goals and cooperation from all of God’s people in his Church.

Many more prayers and thoughts to finish this just as we are all works in process.