Preacher's Thoughts

A capella (literally - in the style of church or chapel music) singing is not unique just to churches of Christ, but it is probably better known today in our churches than       anywhere else. In light of that, I thought you might find the following article from          Oklahoma Christian’s Good News:


Barry Poyner, who works with the church in Kirksville, Missouri, has written to say that a cappella music is very popular on college campuses these days.  John Kusmec, one of the members of their college group called Ekklesia Campus Ministry, is in a campus a cappella singing group called True Men on the nearby campus at Truman State University.  They are also close to Moberly Area Community College, and to A.T. Still Medical & Dental Schools.

Recently the University held an A Cappella Festival with various groups on campus and invited guest groups from around the region.  The local church, because of their interest in a cappella singing and in order to make good ties with students in the    singing groups, helped to sponsor the event.

The church there has also sponsored a Praise and Harmony Workshop with Keith    Lancaster.  Additionally, they hosted the a cappella group Durant, directed by Melissa Lancaster.  Last year, the Harding A Cappella Chorus visited Kirksville, the year before the Greater St. Louis Christian Academy came to sing.  They are also in conversations with Melissa Lancaster about producing their own CD of various a cappella groups on campus and our youth group with proceeds going to our scholarships through the   campus ministry.

Each Monday night the college group has a devotional called “A Spiritual Night Cap.”  It is based on Ephesians 5:18-20 which says to be filled with the Spirit and not spirits.  At this event each week, Kusmec leads the singing.

Churches should seek to take advantage of the popularity of a cappella music on      college campuses and elsewhere by inviting people to hear the good singing in their services.