Youth News

We have a packed few weeks ahead of us for the NWYG! With Spring Break, our March Madness game, and Family Weekend all approaching, there's a lot to look forward to! When you add all of that to the usual commotion of family life, you may have a lot on your plate! If this is the case for you, don't worry. You aren't alone.

Sometimes, even in the Youth Ministry, we can lose focus on what matters when things get busy. When events pile up, we may feel tempted to enjoy the fun parts of Youth Group and miss the important lesson God is trying to teach us. That's why, no matter what fun events we have on the horizon, we have two weekly environments where we work to focus on God above all else. On Sunday mornings, we learn what God wants from us by studying scripture in depth. Then, on Wednesday nights, we revisit our lesson from Sunday and talk about it in conjunction with our daily lives and activities. Twice a week, we focus on God's message to us and put away the distractions. However, while twice a week is good, it's not enough. That's why we partner with families. 

We cover a lot in our Bible classes. Often, it can be too much to process at the moment. One way to help your students retain what they've learned and grow in their relationship with God is to talk with them regularly about what they've been studying. Currently, we're working through Acts to hear about the 1st-century church and deciding if we have anything to learn from their example. Some questions you might ask each week could be:

1. What did you learn about the early Church this week?

2. In this week's story, how did the example of the early Christians relate to the way we live?

3. What's one thing we can do this week to try and follow their example?

Bible classes serve as a primary way we put God first in the NWYG, even in times of busyness. The good news is that talking with your students about what they hear at Church could be the way your family puts God first when you're busy. You can ask these questions any time! Bring them up in the car, at a meal, or any time you'd already be talking about something. Putting God first doesn't need to be a burden. Add it to your routine! We can't do what we do without parents, and we're so thankful that each one of you cares about your child's spiritual growth. After all, nothing matters more than our walk with Christ. So, no matter how busy you are, find a way to put God first in your family this week!