Preacher's Thoughts


As I was thinking about our theme for the year Be the Church, I thought about how central people are to our theme. The church is not brick and mortar….. it is the people who make up Christ’s body, the church (Col 1:18 and Acts 2:47). The people who surround us help make us what we are, for good or bad.


So I got to thinking about the people around me, the people who help me Be the Church. I thought about the large number of visitors that God blesses us with each week. They help us focus outside of ourselves and realize how important they are to the health of this church. I thought about our church staff. Over the past few weeks I have heard our staff members talk about the great chemistry we have and how they look forward to coming to work each day. I thought  about Northwest members who have such generous hearts and set a great example of helping those who are in need, both in the church and outside. The last one I will mention here is a very special group, the Barnabai, those Christians who intentionally go about their daily tasks trying to encourage others, just like Barnabas did (Acts 4:36-37). I’m thankful for all these groups of people who help me Be the Church.