Preacher's Thoughts

In the first sermon of the I Love My Church series I cited a 2018 study conducted by Harvard and Indiana Universities and reported by Stafford North in New Harvard Study Brings Good News to Churches of Christ. Some takeaways from this study are:

“Many say youth are leaving churches because they are too conservative, but the opposite is the case. The more conservative churches are doing much better in holding their youth into adulthood than are the more liberal ones. And more young people are attracted to the more conservative churches than to the more liberal ones……There are several conclusions to draw from this information. (1) Churches of Christ need to remain firm in holding to the fundamentals of the faith because wavering will be both a departure from the faith and will increase the likelihood of a greater number departing to something more conservative. (2) Those leaving liberal churches make up a rich field of prospects if we will identify them among our friends and advertise in our communities what we stand for.  (3) Bringing up our children to be well-grounded in the faith will certainly increase the likelihood that they will remain faithful.”