Youth News

May has been a busy month for the youth group! We’ve gone to the beach, met our new intern, registered for mission trips, celebrated graduations, and learned a great deal about God’s love for us in our Bible classes. It’s hard to believe the month is over. And we all know what the end of May means! Yes, summer is officially here.

  As a season, summer brings a lot of things with its arrival. More than just intense heat and a new string of allergies to deal with, this time of year brings something each one of us needs: a well-deserved break. Your kids will probably benefit the most from this as the daily stress of school becomes a distant memory. Early mornings rushing out the door turn into late nights playing Xbox and waking up at lunchtime. Those of you who teach gain some much needed time away from the classroom. However, for many parents, summer might bring a little bit of stress. From planning family trips to figuring out what to do with your kids during the workday to staying on top of camps and events, summer can introduce some pressure. Even vacations can involve as much preparation as they do time to relax!

    So, parents, if this sounds like your standard summer, here’s what we’d love for you to remember as June begins. Amidst all your summer plans, take some time for yourself. Find a day or two to slow down. Get away from the chaos and grill out or go swimming. In our busy lives, it’s hard to remember that Jesus teaches us rest is a spiritual discipline. Taking time away isn’t just a gift, it’s a necessity for your own physical and mental health. So, this summer, make sure you schedule in a little bit of Sabbath. As Jesus told us in Matthew 11, “Come to me, and I will give you rest.” If it’s helpful, you can find our summer calendar on the NWYG Facebook page. Use it to plan some rest.


-Atlanta Mission Trip- June 10-14

Working with Atlanta Inner City Ministry, serving kids in a local neighborhood. This trip is perfect for both Middle and High School students, no matter where they stand in their faith. Registration began April 10th, and cost is $125.00.

-Central Florida Bible Camp- June 16-22

Our yearly week of Camp! Cost is $220.  Registration is already live at After you register with CFBC, contact Casey to let him know you've done so. This is a NWYG favorite, and you don't want to miss it!

-Summer Series

Sunday nights throughout the summer when we aren't away for trips. Small group leaders are asked to commit for the whole summer in order to build deeper bonds with their group. Anyone can join the hospitality team as they are able, so this is perfect for someone with a hectic summer schedule. Contact Casey for more info.  First meeting June 2nd at 5:30 pm


There will be a number of other events this Summer, so watch the NWYG Facebook page for links to sign up as a volunteer through Signup Genius! When we have a volunteer need, we will post a link to Signup Genius on our Facebook group where you can quickly and easily register to volunteer. Watch our Facebook page or contact Casey for more info!