Encouragement from the Elders

Our theme for the year is Be the Church. We would like to thank you for being the church and daily striving to get more people on the bus for heaven. God blesses us with opportunities daily, not just at the church building on Sunday. Consider the following four areas in which there may be opportunities to load the bus:

 Family – Most of us have family members who are not Christians. Christianity may have become a touchy subject with some of your relatives, so the best approach for now is to pray for them regularly. But there may be others who would be receptive if someone had the courage and concern to bring it up. You be that brave person.

 Neighbors – It seems difficult to even see our neighbors sometimes due to lifestyles – always busy and inside in the A/C. Look for opportunities. And neighbors can be found at school and sports activities, etc.  If you have a heart for people, you will see opportunities others don’t see.

 Co-workers – It may be that the atmosphere where you work is discouraging to talking about God. So you may have to use home as a place to reach co-workers. Hospitality can often be the start of getting someone on the bus.

 Church – God provides so many visitors for us each week. These are people who have shown an interest in spiritual things. So be bold, and risk the fact that you may be welcoming a long time member. If so, then it’s good you got to finally meet that person. Be the Church!