Preacher's Thoughts

A tragedy happened this week at the Memorial Drive Church of Christ in Tulsa – a fire raged through their facility. Following is the plea for prayers from Terry Rush, recently retired minister there. I have included this for your prayers, but also to encourage us that tragedy can be turned into blessings. I am praying it will be at Memorial Drive.



 Our church family at the Memorial Drive Church of Christ suffered great loss this week as fire raged through our facility. The news and the actual scene is shocking. Yet, we encounter incredible possibility as the fires are transferring from the destruction of our gathering place to the reconstruction of the heavenly race.

 We are stunned, hurt, and hopeful. But, what is one to do? Our minds swirl as the devastation is too big. The sadness is embedded within. The solution is equally bewildering at the moment.

 I want to do something. We all do...but what?

 The Church began in Acts 2 with the adding of 3000 souls. God awakened me this early hour this morning with an idea. What we need to do at the front end of this challenge is to build a network of offering 3000 prayers. Thus, I seek to build a power-team.

 I need 100 friends to commit to pray for the new life at Memorial Drive for the next 30 days. I would like these 100 friends to include in your prayers (1) thanksgiving to God for this devastation to be converted to blessings, (2) that God would hold our decision-makers up as their hearts are weighted at the moment, and (3) that God would hold our flock together during this temporary time of scatteredship as we have no one specific place to meet.

 100 friends praying for 30 days gives us our 3000 prayers.

 And would you do this for me as it would encourage the Memorialites who follow these posts and they'll pass it on to their many friends? If you would commit to pray for us for 30 days, would you mind commenting on this post your name and where you are from; i.e. Jane Doe--Fortville, MD.

 Your name and location will give a boost to our Memorial family that will be deeply meaningful. Would you do it for us? This post isn't a Fund Raiser. It's a Prayer Raiser. Thanks for contributing.