Discipleship Minister

Northwest Welcomes Discipleship Minister

The leadership of the Northwest church of Christ is pleased to announce that George Welty has been selected to be the congregation’s Discipleship Minister. George is coming to Northwest from Memphis where he has been teaching at Harding Academy.

The Discipleship Minister will focus every ministry in the church toward drawing people to Christ to be transformed by His Spirit and to lead empowered, joyful lives in Christ. George says, “Think of it as “involvement” with a purpose. At Northwest, we have the desire to see lives changed. We want to see more and more people walk through our doors, and we want everyone who does walk through our doors to come to know the story of God and to have a transformational relationship with the living Christ.”

In this position, George will teach, and he will often preach, but more than anything, he will partner with the ministries that are already leading people deeper into the heart of Jesus.  He will help us create new systems and new ministries that will make us even more effective, as we seek to fulfill the mission God has given us, to be disciples who make disciples. George will help us not only to bring people to Northwest but will help us to take Christ into the St. Pete community and beyond.

Important Dates:

George will join us in mid-September and speak on September 22nd for a celebration at Northwest at the Sunday morning service.

Back Story:

George grew up in Mt. Dora, Florida, where he attended Mt. Dora Christian Academy. From there he went to Freed Hardeman University where he studied History and also received a master’s degree in Education. Since that time, George has been a teacher, coach, minister, and church consultant. He has focused on spiritual formation, youth and adult education, and member engagement.

He is married to Dana, a schoolteacher. They have one son, Brendan, who is a Junior Social Work major at the University of Memphis. Dana has already begun teaching in Memphis under contract for the 2019/2020 school year and will complete that contract before joining George in St. Petersburg.


Tom Edmiaston, interim minister, will be returning to retirement. His tireless service over the past year has been a blessing to our church. Tom has expressed a desire to return his focus to his grandchildren and his wife, Merrily!

Members Comments:

Jim Shannon said: “We are so excited about adding the Welty family to our Northwest family. We are blessed to have found a minister with George’s talents and especially with his passionate love of God.”

John Thee said: “I am impressed with George’s ability to relate and apply biblical teachings into the midst of a culture that wants to adjust God’s word to suit its lifestyle.”

Tom Peeples observed, “George and Dana clearly love people. You can’t help but be drawn to their enthusiasm and their high view of God and the Bible. George makes a strong emotional impact with his teaching.”

Linda Smock observed, “George’s ability to relate to people of many generations is one of the things that most attracted me to him as one of the ministers for Northwest. His experiences with youth, young adults, and more mature Christians give him a range of skills that will be very beneficial in his role as Discipleship Minister at Northwest.”

George Welty noted in a text, “I can’t wait to get down there and get started. It feels like coming home.”