Other Classes and Groups

Northwest has a variety of other classes and groups. We have short-term groups, as well as   groups and classes on a variety of topics that don't take place on Sunday or Wednesday. All of these groups are open to anyone who would like to attend.


Short-Term Groups

Starting Point

Starting Point is for people who are curious about God, have a new relationship with Jesus Christ, or are returning to church after being away for a while. The groups are 8 weeks in duration. The next group starts April 2nd 2017 in the Fellowship Hall. Starting Point is a conversational environment where you can explore faith and experience community. It’s a safe place for you to ask questions and to learn about the Bible and Christianity. You may have questions that you’ve always wondered about, but never felt you could ask at church, legitimate questions that would make many Christians uncomfortable. Ask them at Starting Point. Nothing is off-limits. We host this course every few months so if you missed it this year come back and look for our dates next year.

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No Debt, No Sweat

Are you having problems paying your bills?  Stressed over finances?  Having arguments over money with your spouse?  Starting January 8, 2017 in Modular 3 Northwest is going to have a 13 week class on money management that is an in-depth, real world study of money that provides practical methods of managing your money that can help you put our spending in harmony with Godly principals concerning spending and investing.  We host this course each year so if you missed it this year come back and look for our dates for next year.

You Make Me Crazy

We all have relationships that drive us crazy. Whether it is a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, sibling, parent, co-worker, or crazy relative we all deal with difficult relationships. Starting February 23rd from 7pm-8:30pm Licensed Mental Health Counselor Debra Kraus will host this 6 week series entitled “You Make Me Crazy” in classroom building 114. The cost is $40 for the entire 6 session series.  


Northwest has a number of group that meet monthly or twice a month. All of these groups are open to anyone who would like to attend.

digging deeper

Dig Deeper Study Group meets the 2nd Thursday of the monthfrom 6:30-8:30 pm in the Café.  Are you looking to dig deeper in Bible Study in a way you have never done before?  If you love BibleStudy and want to learn more you won’t want to miss this.  The study will begin with Ephesians and Colossians.

Overcoming Overeating Conversations:  If you have tried dieting methods and haven’t been satisfied with the results then you are invited to participate in Overcoming Overeating Conversations.  This isn’t a dieting group, but a group commited to uncovering the underlying reasons for overeating by biblical study and encouraging relationships.  This group meets the 2nd and 4th Monday nights in the Northwest Cafe.

Self defense

This self-defense course we offer will give you the security and peace of mind in knowing you can dramatically increase the chances of surviving/avoiding a violent attack. The ability to protect yourself, your family and your friends from dangerous situations is priceless. Meet Tuesdays at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall if you would like to join this group.