Sunday Classes begin at 9:15 am on Sunday morning in various locations on our campus. Feel free to stop by our Café and get a free cup of coffee or tea on your way to class. Our Café opens at 8:45.


This year the theme in the Seekers class is Be the Church. This group studies both the Old and New Testaments to see how important it is be the church (wherever we are), not just go to church.

Teacher: Jim Shannon Room: #115

Faith & Action

This group consists of people in their 30’s and 40’s who deeply appreciate the moments when faith and action intersect and bring fulfillment in life.

Teacher: John Thee & Jim Wheeler Room: #115


The Ambassadors dig deep below the surface in to some of the most interesting topics of the Bible.

Teachers: Tom Edmiaston & Barry Jones Room: Connect Room in Worship Center

Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends is a multi-generational group that enjoys circling up to discuss biblical topics, and praying for each other in the victories and struggles of everyday life.

Teacher: Tom Peeples & Joe Stephens Room: #113


Northwest teens are a vibrant and active community of 6th- 12th graders constantly striving to love and serve God. The youth group and its leaders work to put God first while having fun together.

Teacher: Casey Stringer Room: Teen Center

Faith City

Faith City is a place where the Bible comes to life through hands on experiences in the Theater, Diner, Park and Museum. Children have the opportunity to engage all their senses while experiencing the Bible in a hands on way. Faith City is open every Sunday morning, during Bible class for ages Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Faith City Preschool and Nursery

Faith City children’s ministry serves children from birth through 4 years old. The 2-4 years old meet in the Market and Marina and the infants through 2 year olds meet in the Nursery located in the foyer of the Worship Center. Through age appropriate activities we partner with parents to build preschoolers’ spiritual foundation.