Sunday Classes take place start on 9:15 am on Sunday Morning in various locations in our campus. Feel free to stop by our cafe and get a free cup of coffee or tea on your way to class. Our cafe opens at 8:45.


The Seekers Class enjoys studying God’s word and applying biblical truths to their lives. In 2017 the Seekers Class will study five books of the Bible: Judges, Acts, Ruth, Esther, Hebrews.

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Dates: January-  March
Topic: A History of the Time When Everyone Did Their Own Thing
Teacher: Jim Shannon  Room: Classroom Building #114

Dates: April - June
Topic: History of the Early Church (Acts)
Teacher: Jim Shannon
Room: Classroom Building #114

Dates:     July - September
Topic:     Two Key Ladies in Israel’s History (Ruth & Esther)
Teacher:     Jim Shannon
Room:    Classroom Building #114

Dates:     October-  December
Topic:     How the Old and New Testament
Histories Relate (Hebrews) 
Teacher:    Jim Shannon
Room:    Classroom Building #114


The Circle of Friends is a multi-generational group that enjoys circling up to discuss biblical topics, and praying for each other in the victories and struggles of everyday life.

Dates:     January - April 2nd
Topic:     The Pursuit of Holiness
Classroom Building:     Room #113

Dates: April 9th - June 25th
Topic: Mark: Growing our Faith in the Messiah
Room: Classroom Building #113


Dates:     November 5th - December 31st
Topic:     Minor Prophets: The Coming Messiah
Room :     Classroom Building #113

Dates:     July 2nd - October 29th
Topic:     The Practice of Godliness
Room:     Classroom Building #113


The Faith & Action Class is a group that consists of people in their 30’s and 40’s who deeply appreciate the moments when faith and action intersect and bring fulfillment in life.  

Dates:     January 8th - March 26th
Topic:     Revolutionary Parenting
Teacher:     Various Teachers
oom:    Classroom Building #115

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Dates:     April - May
Topic:     Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions
Teacher:     Joel Singleton
Room:    Classroom Building #115

Dates:     August - September 10th
Topic:     Galatians
Teacher:     Justin Edmiaston
Room:    Classroom Building #115

Dates:     June - July
Topic:     Life Church: How Life and Church Intertwine
Teacher:     Joel Singleton
Room:    Classroom Building #115

Dates: September 17th -  November 5th
Topic:  Simplify
Teacher: Mike Thackrey
Room: Classroom Building #115

Dates:     November 12th - December
Topic:     Freeway
Teacher:     Joel Singleton
Room:    Classroom Building #115

College & 20's

The College and 20’s Class is a fun-loving group that is looking for community and direction within a world that is trying to pull them so many directions. Classes center around practical living as a Christian.

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Dates:     January -  April
Topic:     The Gospel of Luke
Teacher:     Jaylyn Malone-Wallace & Luke Schlachter
Room:    Classroom Building #112

Dates:     May - July
Topic:     Acts
Teacher:     Jaylyn Malone-Wallace & Luke Schlachter
Room:    Classroom Building #112


Dates:     August
Topic:     Its All About Relationships
Teacher:     Various Teachers
Room:    Classroom Building #112

Dates:     September
Topic:     Non-Christian Friends
Teacher:     Various Teachers
Room:    Classroom Building #112

Dates:     October- December
Topic:     James : Faith and Action
Teacher:     Various Teachers
Room:    Classroom Building #112


The Ambassadors Class digs deep below the surface into some of the most interesting topics of the Bible. 

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Dates:     January - December
Topic:     Understanding Hebrews Through the Lens of the Old Testament
Teacher:     Tom Edmiaston & Barry Jones
Room:     Worship Center,  Connect Room

It is difficult to understand the book of Hebrews without first understanding key passages and books in the Old Testament as well.   This class will study each and reveal the depth that resides in the book of Hebrews and key other Old Testament passages.