What is Faith City?

At Northwest, our goal is to create disciples of all generations. Faith City is a place where the Bible comes to life through hands on experiences in the: Faith City Theatre, The Diner, The Park, and The Bible Museum. Children will have the opportunity to engage all their senses while experiencing the Bible in a hands on way to help them find their place in God's story. Faith City is open every Sunday morning, during Bible class. Doors open at 9:00, and class starts at 9:15. Faith City opens its doors again each Wednesday night from 7:00 - 8:00 pm. 


We know that what we do at Faith City is not as important as what you do at home. So we're here to partner with families and equip families with the tools they need to create strong faith environments at home. A weekly Faith @ Home activity is supplied that is simple and helps keep Jesus the focus of your family. 


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What is Faith City Worship?

Children 4 years of age - Kindergarten, are welcomed back to Faith City after communion, for Faith City Worship. Faith City Worship creates a special time and place to be with God through worship, simple Bible storytelling, response time, and prayer.