Wenesday Night Classes

Each Wednesday at 7pm we have a group that meet to learn something new or to grow in relationships with others.  Our classes meet in the Classroom Building and in the Northwest Cafe.


Life Tree Cafe

Life Tree Cafe is a conversation cafe that is designed to bring up interesting, relevant and controversial topics in a safe judgement free environment. 

Dates: Every Wednesday
Topic: Various: To see what is covered this week visit http://lifetreecafe.com
Teacher: Joel Singleton & Rich Thackrey
Room: Northwest Cafe

Men's Class

The Mens group values togetherness, spiritual insight, and strong desire to grow to be better leaders at work and in the family.

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Dates:             January   17th - February 14th
Topic:            Faith Commander
Teacher:             Jim Myers
Room:             #115

Dates:             February 21st - March 28th
Topic:            Evolution’s Achilles’ Heel
Room:             #115

Dates:             April 5th- May 10th
Topic:            33 Series: A Man and His Traps
Room:            #115


Dates:             May 17th - June 21st
Topic:            How We got the Bible
Teacher:             Jim Myers
Room:             #115

Dates:             June 28th - August 23rd
Topic:            Wild At Heart
Room:            #115


Dates:             August 30th - October 4th
Topic:             Resurrection
Room:             #115

Higher Ground

The Higher Ground class take a particular interest biblical study and understanding the history of the bible.

Date: January - June
Topic:Faith Lessons with Ray Vander Laan
Classroom Building: 114

Topics Include: That the World May know, Fire on the Mountain, With All your Heart, Path to the Cross, Walking with God in the Desert, Israel’s Mission.

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Dates:             July - September
Topic:            Daring Faith
Teacher:             Various Teachers
Room:             #114

Ladies Class

The ladies class is a women only class that loves being together and building relationships and sharpening one another through truth and study.

Dates:             January - April
Topic:            Prayer
Room:             #113
Teacher            Linda Smock

Single Mom's Class

Single Moms are the superheroes of our world. Even superheroes need a place to recharge, receive support and be encouraged.  This single moms group is designed to help the single mom recharge and connect with others in similar circumstances. It meets every Wednesday at 7pm in the Conference Room.