We're a group of diverse cultures, talents, ethnicities, social classes, and genders, but we all have one thing in common: We are constantly striving to love and serve God.  Our differences are only unique traits that help us appreciate and love each other even more.  Here at the Northwest church of Christ, we seek to cultivate and cherish diversity, as it is a beautiful foretaste of heaven.

Additionally, we seek to implement several other essential principles into our family ministry:

1. Parental integration.  As commanded in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Israelite parents were responsible for instilling faithfulness and obedience to God into the hearts of their children.  We find that there is a higher retention rate of teenagers when parents are spiritually involved.  Conversely, when parents are spiritually absent, the majority of teens leave the church.  

2. Mentorship.  When faithful graduated teens were inquired about their faithfulness, they professed that they had one or two other adults in their lives who helped them maintain their relationship with God.  Our family program seeks to incorporate at least one mentor in a teen’s life.

3. Fellowship.  We have many fun peer-based activities throughout the year (e.g., summer camp, winter camp, youth rallies, ultimate Frisbee, video game night, etc.) to help the teens grow closer to each other.

4. Equip.  Sunday and Wednesday classes are designed to help equip our teens and families with the Word of God in a practical and relevant manner.  We also maintain constant dialogue with the teens to help them navigate difficult ideas and conversations they have at school or work with unbelievers. 

5. Discipleship.  As Christians, we seek to not only study God’s word but to live it; the Gospel becomes more evident when it is practiced.  We help the teens grow as disciples through various service and missional opportunities.  We also teach that discipleship is not confined to an outreach event; that it is an everyday integral part of our lives.

If you're looking for an imperfect family group seeking to grow closer to God, please come join us! Everyone is welcome!


 Join us in our Teen Center Sunday Mornings @ 9:15

 and Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm.